Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just found out that the douchebag tried to friend one of my friends on FB. I don't have facebook, because it's the devil, but I am writing this from my phone while looking at Chad's facebook. I feel like I could literally hiss and my only thoughts are red-rage colored anger. I want to reach out and shake and claw. I am asking Chad where's the 'hells no' button. WTH? That's not ok. Who really even considers that to be ok? Hiss

Sad Dragon Pet

So my dragon digi pet on my phone.... I kinda feel like a horrible person for thinking about purposefully letting it die. I'm bored with it and I want to complain that all you do is feed it, bathe it, toss it a ball and that's basically it. You are indeed suppose to discipline it with either a whip or a pointing finger, but even this is lame. Then I think this is not so different than what we could do with the Tamagotchi things. I thought those were great at the time. I now expect more though. This dragon is in 3D, but never moves from it's spot in the middle of the screen. I suppose 3D is cool, but it'd be better if my dragon walked anywhere. Under-utilizes my smartphone. I'm a lousy owner who is already bored.

I downloaded an empire game that I found while kinda looking for a better dragon pet game. Poor dragon only gets fed the last day or two when I get notification that it is sad and hungry. It only looks downhill from here for my 5 day old dragon. It doesn't even breathe fire. Pet dragons should breathe fire to cook s'mores.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Love the 90's?

Anyone remember the Giga Pet or Tamagotchi? Somehow that came up this afternoon and now I kinda want one. Maybe I could be a better pet parent this time. I was young and irresponsible in the 90's... totally different now. I searched "digital pet" on my phone for an equivalent. So many options, but there was a dragon one and I've always wanted a dragon. And honestly, some of the options were to Asian school girl for me. So I'm egg watching at work this afternoon for my new dragon baby to hatch.

Even Indian Food Teaches Life Lessons

After having Indian food on the recent NY trip, I've been craving it this whole week. I know there is supposed to be this awesome Indian restaurant really close to work - Korma Sutra. Visiting work guests go there when they are in town and rave about it. The reviews online are always great. My coworkers have been there and proclaim it's goodness, yet we have never gone as a group in the last year I've worked here. Although I will go to many restaurants alone, I wasn't sure of my comfort with an Indian restaurant, so I've avoided it. But today I have tempted my coworkers into experiencing it's goodness with me. On a side note, I was slightly scared at how spicy the food might be and having to sit through the remainder of the work day. You know why.

So first off, the place is packed at 12:40 and would still be packed at 2 when we left. I mean line outside the door packed. This is a good sign. From the reviews, I know that this restaurant is supposed to be fun and have excellent service, but the 2nd one downtown is supposed to have slightly better food. We showed up during the lunch buffet, so I'm ok with whatever for $10. Every table gets water and this creamy mango drink immediately, which you normally have to pay for at other times. We go get food - basic normal Indian food looking stuff. The goat was sooo good and I got most of my second plate covered in the butter chicken. I will say, I didn't need to worry too much about the spiciness of the dishes. They were spicy, but you could really taste the flavors and the spice wasn't overwhelming to me. It was really tasty, and I'd go back for my next craving.

The owner is running around constantly passing out "happy chai" (omg, I need more and got a to-go cup of it), almondy or coconut milk icecream thing, and this naan sandwichy thing. When offered free stuff, the answer is almost always yes. While he's passing out this naan thing -about an 1/8 of inch of something that has the coloring of dried blood and obviously consisting mostly over spices between two pcs of naan- he tells some people "sweet naan" and others he tells "hot naan". It's the same basket, so one of these is a joke. This should have been my first clue. I thankfully didn't pop the whole slice in my mouth, but took a decent size nibble. At first I though, heh, this is boring and not much flavor. Then follows the "sweet mother, what the hell is this?What have you done?" sirens going off in my head. Burning, true physical pain radiates, so I swallow the remainder immediately. I down my previously untouched water, and look to my creamy mango drink. Maybe it's the acid of the mango, but it only burns more... that drink is a trick. I am sweating and my eyes are tearing up enough I'm thinking a tear will run down my cheek soon. My nose is running bad. I don't care how nice the cloth napkin is, my nose is about to start dripping. I wipe the sheen of sweat from my cheek bones and start eating my butter chicken, which was actually pretty spicy earlier, but is now cooling the current wildfire in my mouth. Coworker is laughing. I'd like to think of that naan thing now as "demon blood" naan, like someone went to hell, brought back a demon and is sitting in the back of the place tapping his fire-saturated vein especially for this thing. The manager blew up two balloons for me (to make me feel better, lol) and brought me more icecream, but he was laughing the whole time too.

It was kinda funny to watch when one of the guys at a neighboring table tore his up and mixed it in his friend's food when he stepped away. Guy tried hard, and was confused that his friends were eating the same plate as he was with no real affect. That thing is chocked full of capsacin or whatever. It was like covering your finger with Siracha sauce and sticking it your mouth - flames of many suns. What did I learn today? Re-learned that sometimes "free" comes with a price, and to always say "no" to demon blood naan.

Monday, May 14, 2012

There's No Crying in Baseball

So newest dilemna... baseball tickets. I purchased two awesome seats for the t-bones baseball games out here. I have several games... 10 or 12 maybe. I miss having someone who would be up for anything I came up with to go do around town, like eating $1 hotdogs and watching the minor league-ish team play. I like the t-bones and this will be my third or fourth season following them. This is the first season I've invested upfront with so many tickets. This drives me nuts. I want to go with someone and not be the odd girl sitting alone at the games. I don't like baseball enough for that honestly. My grandpa is happier going to games alone and focusing on the baseball, that sounds unfun to me. I like that I can socialize through parts and not miss much. I've used it for dates in the past. But I need a lot of dates this season for these tickets and I don't find very likely to happen.

Kim suggested I do some online dating and take a new boy every week. Brilliant idea, but lately I've not gotten past a few exchanged emails with anyone. They seem to disappear after I start the "Are you really single? Please don't lie to me" train. I've drawn this out to not happening in the first or sometimes even the second email anymore, but it eventually happens. I know even as I type that question and plea that I sound crazy and needy, and that even I would ditch me, but it's overcome by a need to know. Some days the lack of response is taken as "There you go again, Tracy," but other more distrustful days are more like "Jerk, probably was married/in a relationship." Still I know that that's probably less true and more likely my current shade of crazy interfered. Still I don't know what I really want right now. I want a relationship, but at the same time I still feel like I don't have it in me to put forth the effort yet.

Anyhow, I'm open to suggestions on how to turn up someone who enjoys $1 hot dogs and minor league baseball. Or maybe I just need to not ask That question until they are already at the baseball game with me and we've made it past the 3rd inning at least. I'll go regardless; I've always been independent and if I can take myself out for a $50 dinner and enjoy myself, this isn't so bad. Much less noticeable, just less fun really.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pole Goal for the Night

I have pole tonight. That's exciting. I am almost able to rock a new move, but kind of panicked and hurt myself Monday. I climb to the top of the pole, cross my legs in front of me around the pole, point one leg straight out and the top leg hooks the pole. Then I let go with my hands and lean back all the way. My thighs hold me up while I arch my back down the pole, then I pull my legs up toward the ceiling, so that I am nearly perpendicular to the pole and am supposed to grab on with my hands again and let go with my legs, Supposed to... insert slipping and falling panic here... so I re-grab with my legs and don't get a good hold and am sliding the more I move. I try to come up out of it and grab a foot to regain a sitting position on the pole. Pull my own leg muscle... hurt... don't re-try the rest of the night and stick with easy stuff. Should have just slid down and started over... dumb girl.

Hoping to do it right this time. This combo move makes my arms and abs tired almost immediately. There's several things I can do from that point once I get it, but it's a fail still. Wait, it's a goal, yes.

Work Rant... Sorry

This day... the week... will never end. I am tired. Fell asleep at my desk and even while drifting think, "who cares? I'm f'ing tired" I would be severely embarrassed if anyone came around my corner actually. I have a new Chewbacca lego figure to play with at my desk. He's not new, but he's new to my desk. There's only so many times I can balance him and Han in my slinky though.

Our boss is out playing nurse for her husband this week and next, so we're on our own. She travels a lot anyway; sometimes she's only here for a few days of the month even. We are self-sufficient. However, one of the other VPs for the commercial side took it upon himself to visit and oversee us this week. He's not awful, but sometimes he makes my head hurt a lot. He used pretty blatant of his attitude that womenfolk opinions didn't matter. That feels good... like sandpaper on a sunburn. Also, he's technically with a different company and so has no bearing on what I do, so his being here is, um, super useful.

Last night not long after he gets in town, he is at my desk asking to see my file on 02AVCOM and why did they get such a low limit. Ok, what? Ok, I heard 02.. our customers don't start with that. I explain... first, that's not even my job within this company and second, I don't do anything for your company, so I will not have any of this info. He responds sharply, "I know that, but where do you keep the file" Deep breath, Tracy, he heard nothing you said. This time I explain that it would be just as odd for me to have credit history files on Best Buy customers as it would for me to have them for his customers. His eyes said he understood, but also that he heard the smartness in my voice. He then launches into a 5 min history about this customer... they're actually owned by Hy-Vee (or someone, I admit I wasn't listening well) and they are past due and going to put in a new larger order... blah blah blah. He finishes and stands there. I say, Hmm. He's still standing here. Can't hold back any longer, "I don't know what to tell you. I don't do anything with this in the company I work for and can, therefore, do even less for yours. So basically that was nothing more than a good story to me" Point across.

This morning I say good morning to him and get no response. Expected... uppity womenfolk need to be put in their place. Then he comes over demanding to know why we're out of something. I've just been dumped on by Aja deciding she is taking an early lunch because the phone is too busy... wth, we're supposed to be splitting the day on the phones and your half doesn't end for another hour and a half. So I snap- put the phone call on hold and tell him why we're out. "This is a new product. I had just enough flown in for all of our reps to have samples, but before I could set up orders to send them out, you pressured the warehouse into sending them to your reps. So we'll be out until mid June now, because I am not having any flown in and the rest are on a boat." Sidenote, I am having some flown in directly to the office and I will load up my car and take them to the warehouse because some people are outside the circle of trust. Like a fat squirrel with a fanny pack.

My vendor that I bitched about on Monday with the wire just called to tell me that he didn't ship it out Monday as promised. It probably won't ship out today either. I specifically gave him a credit card so it would go out on Monday. He can't run the credit card, it declined and he doesn't know why... "It's our CEO's. I just used it this morning, it's fine and has an obscene credit limit, so try again." Hiss... I do hate them... I really do. This wasn't meant to be a work rant post.